Ben é gente como a gente, também tem gatos

e nota as mulheres!

do you notice how women are dressing?
do you have any preferences?
yeah, but I’m not particularly only watching women, but I love to
watch people, and I love to watch of course, how they come together,
and how they separate, and how they might be in a highly compressed
situation sometimes, or sometimes be on there own, so I watch people
first of all alot, and of course it is always interesting to see how women,
but also men, how they behave differently then maybe from other to
other in how they dress, how they have their own rituals.
… the way how we dress, almost like how we dress the city in this way,
or how we dress the landscape. this is the way how I look also at
architecture – how can we dress the future?
I’mobsessed about public constructs, public conditions, and how they
separate from private.

what kind of clothes do you avoid wearing?
I almost wear everything.

do you have any pets?
I have a cat.”

Entrevista de Ben van Berkel a @designboom

I have a cat, like you!


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