Odilla Mestriner, the work and the destination

Odilla Mestriner, born in Ribeirao Preto- SP in 1928  (death 2009)

She used as a reference the enigma of life, creating a multiforme, courageous and strict work,  allied with her life. Using the epic of life as her theme, she describes the earthly life and the divine life with a structure model tragic nuclear.

She was shocked with the urban violence so she remained in her atelier, choosing the silence and the retirement. She believed that she had an obligation with the art and the sensibility public education and devoted herself  to the art and to enrich with aesthetic quality the people’s existence.

She had had an exact draw and  had explored the geometric compositions, with objectivity, logic,  sequence and universal spirit. She had reinvented themes from Lasar Segall and Antonio Henrique Amaral.

Interesting works:

* Estandarte 1 (1996)- one for everyone and
* Travessia 1 (1996)- everyone for one
* Opostos (1997) – you’re in the opposite, but we’re the same (in all the context)
* Amazônia III (1980)
* Cosmogonia (1975) -everything neatly in agony

I believe that she had had some help from the Russian Vanguard…

Well, this is Odilla Mestriner – the work and the destination in  Espaço Cultural Citi – Av. Paulista 1.111  São Paulo – SP | Curated by Jacob Klintowitz


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