The Russian Turning SP

Today I’ve been in the Russian Turning in São Paulo and I discovered that the russian constructivism posters are what I’ve looking for! It shows (for me) a popular art to promote the socialism, but is realy reeeeeeeeeealy original and I loved! It’s better than current pop art because it’s less colorful.
Well, forgetting about the posters, the exhibition had artists like Maliévitch with his suprematism (the contemporary art needs to forget everything and start over again), Tátlinwith his construtivism (the contemporary art must born in the industrial environment and fall in it), Stemberg (he made those posters!!) and the best: VASSILY KANDISKY AND PAVEL FILINOV! what I felt when I saw Kandinsky? I don’t have words to describe it, I felt so excited that I cannot describe! Some Kandinsky’s words:”It’s possible express emotions and fellings through the color and the rhythm, without the pictures of the figurative world. Wonderful, isn’t?

In my opinion this was the best show I’ve ever seen!
again, I’m sorry if my english isn’t better


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